Biodiesel is a clean burning, non-toxic biodegradable alternative fuel that can be combined at any level with petroleum diesel to fuel diesel engines. It is produced from renewable sources such as vegetable oils and animal fats, including low grade recycled cooking oils and trap grease.

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JCPenney Installing Wind Turbines at Distro Center

Posted: 13 Aug 2008 12:04 PM CDT

Retail giant JCPenney has inked an agreement with BroadStar Wind Systems to install BroadStar's unique wind turbines at the retailer's massive 1.6 million-square-foot distribution center in Reno, Nevada.

This press release posted on has details:

The pilot program will utilize BroadStar's innovative, building-mounted AeroCam wind turbines, which capture wind energy and generate power more efficiently than conventional propeller and fixed-blade turbines. After installation is completed in November 2008, JCPenney will purchase electricity generated by the system from BroadStar.

¡This endorsement by JCPenney is particularly pleasing to our efforts,¡ said Stephen Else, president of BroadStar Wind Systems. ¡The commitment by JCPenney to adopting renewable energy is indicative of a major and emerging trend in U.S. retailers to utilize their own facilities and resources to help solve the electric generation and transmission issues we face in North America. Penney's endorsement of AeroCam technology represents a great move forward in the adoption of wind turbines in the emerging commercial wind space.¡

Commenting on the agreement, Jim Thomas, vice president and director of corporate social responsibility for JCPenney said: ¡This wind power project furthers our commitment to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of our operations. We will closely monitor the results to determine how we can best leverage this technology to make use of renewable energy while also benefiting our business.¡

BroadStar officials tout their system not just for its compact design but also for its ability to operate in turbulent wind conditions¡­ something conventional propeller turbines have trouble with.

Green Train to Spread Good News of Biodiesel

Posted: 13 Aug 2008 11:13 AM CDT

Music and a message will be what goes from the West Coast to the East Coast as the biodiesel-powered Green Train is set to make a tour across the country this coming April.

Biodiesel Magazine reports some of music's superstars will be aboard:

The train will include two flatbed concert stage cards. During the six-week tour the train will stop in seven major cities where country music performer and songwriter Merle Haggard, along with other musicians, will perform. They will also hold dozens of small-town whistle stop acoustic performances. Other artists and celebrities who have pledged their support for the Green Train include Vince Gill, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Cher, The Dave Matthews Band, Collective Soul, Jewel, John Mayer, and The Indigo Girls.

Chugging through 28 states, the train¡¯s concerts and acoustic performances will be powered using biodiesel-fed generators as well as other renewable energy sources. Concerts will be held in Portland, Ore.; Denver; Chicago; New Orleans; Charlotte, N.C.; New York; and Washington, D.C. As well, to date acoustic performances are scheduled in Sacramento, Calif.; Memphis, Tenn.; Atlanta; and Boston.

Word is that the train is planning a European tour in 2011.

Long Beach Switching to Biodiesel

Posted: 13 Aug 2008 10:47 AM CDT

The city beaches and streets in Long Beach, California are going to be kept clean by using a greener fuel.

This story from the Long Beach Post-Telegram says biodiesel is the fuel of choice, debuted during a news conference hosted by Mayor Bob Foster and Councilwoman Bonnie Lowenthal:

In all, some 200 vehicles are part of the initial transition, and Foster and Lowenthal were on hand to showcase 10 vehicles used in beach maintenance that use the biodiesel blend as fuel.

City officials predict the new biodiesel program will reduce carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions.

Lowenthal made the push for biodiesel blends in January and Tuesday, she thanked the mayor for his support in getting the program under way in a timely manner.

¡I'm very, very excited that we're making this move,¡ she said. ¡It's one step at a time.¡

Carlos V. Velasquez, acting manager of the fleet service bureau of Public Works, said that the fleet that's been introduced to the new biodiesel program includes skip loaders, tractors, dump trucks, and vehicles used by street maintenance, gas department and Parks, Recreation and Marine workers.

The article goes on to say that besides biodiesel, the city's ¡Green Fleet¡ is also being changed out to run on natural gas, propane, as well as electric and hybrid vehicles.

Major research program for CO2-capture kicks off in Norway

Posted: 14 Aug 2008 01:46 AM CDT

A scientific research and development programme worth more than NOK 300 million (37.5/US$55m) is being launched in Norway with the aim of generating more cost effective technology for CO2-capture. The project is one of the biggest of its kind to date and helps the transition towards carbon-negative energy, the most radical form of green energy.

SINTEF, the independent research organisation, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Aker Clean Carbon, the industrial technology company, on Thursday August 14 signed an agreement for an eight-year science and development programme called SOLVit. The programme has a total financial value of NOK 317 million.

Gassnova SF C the Norwegian government¡¯s vehicle for CO2-management (capture, transport, injection and storage) C has approved financial support of NOK 34 million for the first phase of the project, which runs till the end of 2010.

Emissions from industry and power stations

The agreement concerns chemical processes that can capture CO2 from the process industry and emissions from coal and gas powered power stations. Within these sectors, it is estimated that the 4,000 largest facilities account for about 40 per cent of man-made CO2 emissions globally. The SOLVit programme aims to generate better and more cost effective processes and chemicals to manage CO2 emissions from these facilities.

International energy companies have been invited to participate in the programme. These will provide useful input from the perspective of the facility operator.

Test centre link-up
SOLVit makes SINTEF and NTNU able to consolidate the position as Europe¡¯s leading science cluster for CO2-management. The programme includes building a large laboratory facility that will strengthen our standing in the international arena and improve our position in competition for financial support for scientific research from institutions such as the European Union, says Ms Unni Steinsmo, chief executive of SINTEF.

Results from the development research in the new laboratory in Trondheim will be tried out in test centres and in full-scale facilities already in the first phase of the programme. This makes SOLVit even more exciting.

Industrial competition
Aker Clean Carbon is heavily involved in competitions for CO2-capture projects in Norway and in the United Kingdom. Jan Roger Bjerkestrand, chief executive of Aker Clean Carbon, says the wide-ranging and thorough cooperation on scientific research under SOLVit to develop better and more energy effective chemicals for the capture and cleansing processes will strongly support the company¡¯s standing in these competitions.
We have a clear goal to bring the cost of CO2-capture and cleansing down significantly. In phase two and three of SOLVit, the parties will try to introduce new chemical solutions and elements to the process in order to generate cost cuts. The aim is to come up with a process facility for CO2-capture that can operate on half the energy consumption of today¡¯s processes. - Jan Roger Bjerkestrand, chief executive of Aker Clean Carbon
Aker Clean Carbon and SINTEF have together developed many chemical solutions based on amines, a chemical that has the ability to cleanse CO2. One of these solutions is already ready to use. Phase one of SOLVit will be used to test the other amine solutions under development by Aker Clean Carbon and SINTEF:

New laboratory in Trondheim
The programme also includes building a new laboratory at Tiller in Trondheim, which will cost NOK 42 million. SINTEF will provide NOK 25 million of the equity for the new laboratory, which will be situated next door to SINTEF¡¯s multi-phase laboratory.

The lab will be a unique test centre for pilot projects, including a 30 metre tall tower and processing column that reached 25 metres high C identical to the height needed in full-scale industrial facilities. The lab will also be available for SINTEF¡¯s domestic and international customers and partners.

Complete chain of laboratories
The SOLVit-programme will also involve the testing of chemicals and processes in a mobile capture facility, which has been developed by Aker Clean Carbon and is currently being built at Aker Verdal. The mobile facility is large enough to process parts of emissions from power stations and industrial sites in periods of several months at the time.

SINTEF and NTNU have already established laboratories for small-scale testing of CO2-capture. This means Norway will be among the few countries with a complete set of laboratories in this area, from testing in the lab to pilot runs at semi-industrial scale.

PhD and master students
Science and education go hand in hand in SOLVit. Using the programme as a basis, NTNU will offer positions to six doctoral candidates and ten master students within the subject of CO2-capture.
SOLVit is an important contribution to educating high-quality academic experts, for which there is great demand. The combination of education and industrial development in this project is very exciting and a great challenge. - Torbjørn Digernes, Rector of NTNU.

Joint financing
SOLVit has a budget of NOK 317 million and is led by Aker Clean Carbon. The financing is a joint effort by Aker, which is the main partner, and other industrial partners, Gassnova SF which participates through the public CLIMIT programme, and SINTEF and NTNU.


Norwegian University of Science and Technology: Major research programme for CO2-capture - August 14, 2008.

VIDEO: 225 mpg DIY diesel hybrid on the road, kit version coming

Posted: 16 Aug 2008 02:01 AM CDT

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Robert Q. Riley has finished designing and building his XR3 diesel hybrid prototype and now says, "Its your turn!". Yes, with a few simple tools and plans purchased from Mr. Riley, you too can (eventually) cruise the highways in your very own XR3. Engineered to travel 40 miles with lithium ion batteries powering the back wheel before switching on the Kubota diesel engine that power the fronts, the XR3 is said by its maker to get 225 mpg. The beauty of a DIY project like this is that you can do a lot of tweaking. That diesel motor could just as easily be made to run on WVO or some other biofuel. Of course, you could forgo the combustion engine (and tractor sound) altogether and add more batteries. Likewise, you can save a big chunk of the initial cost and only install the diesel.

If the thought of doing all that fiberglass work and metal fabrication seems a little daunting for your mechanical skill level, we have good news for you. During a recent interview on EVcast, the designer/engineer let slip that RQR Enterprises is now working with a kit car company to supply the some of the more difficult bits to save you time and a lot of swearing effort. Of course, you'll still have to add lots of parts yourself but if it came completely assembled you'd miss out on that extra bit of pride that comes from completing a project of this type. Mr. Riley estimates it may cost upwards of $25,000 to build the whole kit and kaboodle on your own. Hit the jump for video of the XR3 on the streets.

Gallery: XR3 Completed

[Source: Robert Q. Riley Enterprises]

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